Creating homes is a delicate task; it demands technical expertise and a sensible approach to the client’s taste and lifestyle. 

Our clients seek a partner who brings trust and confidence as well as the complete range of construction services. Building a solid foundation with the owner is crucial, This is why we are passionate about maintaining close contact with our clients and doing it right the first time.  We want the process of building every home to be part of an enjoyable journey for our clients, a time for fun and creativity.


Zehren, BMI and Saguier have joined forces and expertise in order to provide owners with a comprehensive service that delivers turn-key homes with all the basic things for moving in. The combined experience and workforce of these companies ensures the owner a continuity of service and a hassle-free construction process from start to finish.


Six fully designed homes have been made available by Zehren and Associates and Veronica Saguier has designed a landscaping master plan that can be adapted to any homesite in La Estancia de Cafayate. The complete construction and furnishing will be executed by BMI and closely monitored by our clients through weekly photos and videos.