“After working in La Estancia for some years we have found that some clients just want to keep it simple and would rather have one single contractor handle design, construction, furnishing and gardening.” 


Jack Zehren

Our home design and construction approach is the simplest way to owning and enjoying a quality turn key home in la Estancia de Cafayate.




Selecting your home 

Each project starts with our team presenting detailed specifications and plans of our available homes, our interiors collection and our landscaping selection. You will choose the one that best suits your style. Each home prototype has a rough cost estimate already prepared. A preliminary budget and the time schedule is then agreed upon.



Adaptation and budget

We will study your lot, its orientation related to the sun and the wind, the surroundings and the existing neighbor houses. If required the house plans will be mirrored and rotated to meet that particular terrain’s potential. The landscaping prototype will be adapted to the size of the lot and the orientation of the house. A masterplan with layout drawings that show the selected floor plan in the lot is presented for the client’s consideration.


Following approval of the design, we move forward with the detailed budget of your project. It is a very precise process, where everything needs to be thought out. As the client you will then be presented with a very detailed budget that will conclude with the final purchase amount.



Construction & execution

Before construction can commence, the team will purchase most of the materials, furniture and appliances and will store them locally. This ensures we will have the supplies we need to keep the construction process running smoothly and will guarantee your appliances fit in your custom sized built in cabinetry.

The team project manages and oversees works throughout, ensuring the best quality of work, delivering it on time and budget. During construction you will be able to keep track of the jobsite through weekly reports and pictures.

Artwork sourcing & accessorizing (optional)

When required, our design team works closely with independent art curators who are introduced to the project in the early stages, and can source and present artwork as a collection taking into account any existing pieces you may have. Finally, the team can focus on dressing and accessorizing as the final steps before presenting you with your new extraordinary home.