Architecture and Interior Design


Zehren and Associates is a USA based design firm founded in 1983 with offices in Vail, Colorado, and Santa Barbara California. Its main focus of expertise is creating communities, buildings, and homes with a strong sense of place and cultural identity.

The firm undertakes endeavors with unusual environmental needs in special site locations. With projects as diverse as custom homes in Lake Tahoe, California; to mountain ski resorts in the Kullu Valley of India; to the Master Planning and Clubhouse architecture at La Estancia de Cafayate, the firm has provided master planning and architectural design throughout the world. 

Having designed eminent residences and creative interiors in a range of special places, Zehren and Associates has now made available, for this program, six carefully designed homes which fit perfectly into the culture and lifestyle of La Estancia de Cafayate. The interior furnishing of these

homes has been designed drawing inspiration from the rural heritage of the Argentine Ranch and from the elegant Spanish Colonial style of the Salta region.






BMI, founded in 1982 by Juan Martin Barrantes, is a construction company based in Argentina with vast experience in the building industry. Our team has been successfully planning and building high quality single and multifamily homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings throughout Northern Argentina. 

In-house specialists provide detailed supervision and control every step of the construction process. A stable workforce of craftsman, most of whom have been employees of BMI for many years, ensure that the high standards of construction set by the company are achieved in every home.

The combination of engineering knowledge and attention to detail results in distinctive residences that showcase excellence in every square foot.

BMI has completed a number of homes in La Estancia de Cafayate that exhibit construction expertise and skilled craftsmanship within the architectural vernacular of the Cafayate region.






Veronica Saguier is a renowned landscape designer who has successfully created landscapes in private residences and public parks in Buenos Aires and Northern Argentina for more than fifteen years. She is dedicated to all phases of landscape architecture, including conceptual planning, designing and managing the installation of residential landscapes. She uses the architecture, landscape and geography of the surroundings to re-create and transform the environment, giving new meanings to its nature while respecting its true origin.

From the inception of La Estancia de Cafayate in 2009, Veronica Saguier has designed and installed impressive landscapes for some of the most distinctive homes in this community.  She has created wonderful outdoor living areas and beautiful gardens that fit the natural setting and climate of this special place while bringing together those characteristics into the lifestyle and preferences of the owners.